Get to know SAG

SAG is a metalworking company, founded in 2014, whose main activity is the mass production of turned parts and CNC machining. The initiative to create this company came from the experience acquired from the professional work of its team, from the acknowledged added value and ability to achieve feasible and economically balanced solutions.
The company has heavily invested in cutting edge technology machinery with reduced margin of error and high product conformity, contributing to a valuable market supply, complying with the quality norms of NP EN ISO 9001:2015.

SAG’s commitment is to work according to our clients’ needs an specifications, offering all the necessary and proper assistance with responsibility, confidentiality, credibility, dedication and professional ethics.


SAG’s mission is based on the turning sector and CNC machining of components to fully comply with our clients’ requests, focusing on the critical factors of the sector: availability of integrated solutions with added value, deadlines, quality and price, minimization of environmental impacts and inherent occupational risks.



Our aim is to be among the main manufacturers of turned parts both in the national and international industrial world and to be a reference of excellency for the products of this sector, with a quality professional service.



SAG’s main values are: Clients’ Satisfaction, Respect and Recognition of People’s value, Social Responsibility, Respect for the Environment, Collaborators Safety, focus on Results.



The company acts with the aim of supplying the market integrated solutions with added value, customized to clients’ needs.

We aim to meet the metal work product customization, the global competition and the clients’ and competitors pressure, through the productivity increase, the project/production efficiency and the supply of a solution based on quality products and services leading the company to be considered a trusted brand and offering distinction and added value opportunities.
From the budgeting process, to the production, delivery and utilization of the products by our clients, we assure all the necessary technical support so that our company can be in the products and services quality forefront.

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