CNC Turning

CNC Turning is a process of manufacturing metal parts and components with various geometries using numerical control machines called CNC lathes.

Solving a situation proposed from a technical drawing is one of the functions of our team, which develops the program, defining the cutting tools necessary for the execution of the project presented and respecting the dimensional and visual specifications of the product.

CNC lathes can be programmed via interface or even through computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems, according to the specifications required in the technical drawing.

CNC Machining of Parts

The CNC machining service responds to the needs of the industry in general (aeronautics, automotive, hardware, metal constructions, gas industry, etc.) through the production of serial components, metal alloys and polymer.

The high quality of the equipment and the technical means allow the manufacture of components of great complexity with excellent surface quality and dimensional accuracy.

Our CNC machining service is dedicated to the serial manufacture of components in alloys made of steel, aluminum, stainless steels, nylon, among others.

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